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The TEAM LEAD Model of Self-Leadership

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The Team Lead Model framework identifies eight leadership requirements, accomplishments, and skills a leader must have to be effective. The model supports the Relational Leadership Theory of leaders concerned about their interactions with others and the process of putting people together to accomplish a change and make a difference that benefits the common good (Komives, Lucas, McMahon, 1998). The notion is that a leader must possess all the eight-core Team Lead attributes to be more effective. The Team Lead concept is a self-leadership approach to leading a team. Four attributes with the acronym T.E.A.M are Internal attributes the leader must possess, while the remaining four L.E.A.D show External attributes that enable the leader to lead the team effectively. T.E.A.M.  L.E.A.D.

The model highlights each letter of the words “team lead.” The word Team applies to the acronym T.E.A.M beginning with the letter T-Training enhances performance, grows knowledge, makes a leader Competent, and boosts productivity through learned skills. E-Enterprising develops a leader’s capacity to generate ideas and skills that make them creatively Resourceful. A resourceful leader always finds a way to take advantage of a situation. A-Authenticity gives the leader Credibility and makes people appreciate your leadership. M-Mindfulness creates Resilience and happiness and increases productivity. It helps regulate your emotions. It enables you to have a greater level of emotional intelligence.

The second part of the acronym L.E.A.D begins with L-Listening active; listening helps a leader Communicate effectively and makes them more charismatic by keeping them engaged in a conversation. It helps improve the leader’s relationships with others. E-Empathizing with others helps build trust and encourages open communication and effective feedback. A-Accountability helps to improve Performance and enables people to be in control of their actions. D-Delegation delegating authority helps promote Teamwork by creating a mentorship environment that supports learning and development with credible skills to grow and work effectively as a team.

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